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Audition Notice


by Nick Dear


The Free Church Hall, Northway, London, NW11 7AG

Sunday 23rd July 2017, 7:30pm


Performance Dates:

  • Thursday 19th October 2017, 7:30pm
  • Friday 20th October 2017, 7:30pm
  • Saturday 21st October 2017, 7:30pm
  • Sunday 22nd October 2017, 4pm

Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate Village, London N6 4BD

Director: Adam Sutcliffe

Power is a play full of wit and humour, scheming for money and power, and sexual conquests, set in France at the court of the young King Louis XIV between 1661 and 1664. When the all-powerful Mazarin dies, Louis decides to take the reins of power to reshape France and become an absolute monarch. The court, however, is much happier with a king who pursues his mistresses and does not interfere with State finances. Rivalries & temptations abound. Premiered at the National in 2003.

Nick Dear is one of Britain's leading playwrights, having written and adapted many plays for tv and the National Theatre, including Frankenstein (directed by Danny Boyle for the National in 2011).

These are open auditions. Please read the auditions page if you have never auditioned with the GST before.

Parts List:
Ages are as given in the play, but we are prepared to be very flexible in casting
  • ANNE(60) Anne of Austria, widow of the late king Louis XIII and mother of Louis and Philippe. A strong and domineering Queen Mother.
  • LOUIS(22) A pleasure-loving youth at the start of the play, Louis swiftly asserts his authority and emerges as domineering, wise and pitiless visionary. He places himself above all others so that France may flourish and he may be glorified. A supreme dancer and seducer.
  • PHILIPPE(21) Anne's flamboyant younger son whom she has brought up to be no 'threat' to Louis. His interests centre on dressing up, courtly etiquette and handsome young men, but he has also proved himself an outstanding commander on the battlefield.
  • HENRIETTE(25) Married to Philippe, Henriette is too lively and vivacious to be side-lined by her husband – and too attractive not to be noticed by Louis.
  • LOUISE(16) Shy, compliant and genuine, Louise joins the court as a Maid of Honour and soon gets tasked with providing a 'cover' for Louis' sexual adventures.
  • FOUQUET(45) Nicolas Fouquet - the central role of the play. Following Mazarin's death, he is the richest man in France with a strong lust for life and all the pleasures it has to offer. He sees himself as unassailable and Louis as a boy he can outwit and impress. A great flatterer, seducer and supporter of all the arts — he cannot help showing off.
  • COLBERT(41) Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Controller of Finance, was Mazarin's right-hand man (or woman — this role may be cast either way). Apparently diligent and 'mole-like' he has secretly amassed a vast personal fortune and seeks to bring down Fouquet.
  • ServantsMale and Female servants, who double as understudy and stagehand.

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    Rehearsals will begin on 1st September, will continue on Sundays and two evenings in the week, and will be held at the Free Church Hall.

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