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Audition Notice

Measure For Measure

by William Shakespeare


The Free Church Hall, Northway, London, NW11 7AG

Sunday 25th March 2018, 7:30pm


Performance Dates:

  • Friday 6th July 2018, 7:30pm
  • Saturday 7th July 2018, 3pm
  • Saturday 7th July 2018, 7:30pm
  • Sunday 8th July 2018, 3pm
  • Wednesday 11th July 2018, 7:30pm
  • Thursday 12th July 2018, 7:30pm
  • Friday 13th July 2018, 7:30pm
  • Saturday 14th July 2018, 3pm
  • Saturday 14th July 2018, 7:30pm

Little Oak Wood, Addison Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, NW11 6QS

Director: Colin Gregory

Measure for Measure is very much a play for our times. With themes of corruption, abuse of power and sexual exploitation it holds a mirror to our world as much as the 17th century. Duke Vincentio absents himself from court leaving Angelo to rule as his deputy. Angelo condemns Claudio to death for getting Juliet pregnant: they are betrothed but not yet married. Claudio’s sister Isabella pleads for her brother’s life; Angelo will relent only if she gives herself to him. Scenes of intense emotion are interspersed with an earthy comic sub-plot in which Mistress Overdone and her side-kick Pompey navigate their way round Angelo’s edict closing down the brothels. All this is observed by Vincentio, who has disguised himself as a friar and return at the end to bring all to book.

Both serious and comic roles are multi-faceted, providing excellent opportunities for characterisation. All the cast will have plenty to do, doubling parts where possible to create a tight ensemble. We will need a chorus of all ages to play courtiers, citizens, guards and other characters.

These are open auditions. Please read the auditions page if you have never auditioned with the GST before.

Parts List:
  • VincentioThe Duke, insightful, scheming, perhaps weaker than he thinks
  • AngeloHis Deputy, not simply wicked but aware of his faults
  • EscalusA senior courtier
  • ClaudioA young man in love, unable to comprehend his sister’s moral stance
  • IsabellaHis sister, intends to become a nun, fired by righteousness
  • JulietClaudio’s betrothed
  • Lucio“A Fantastic”: a colourful character with a big mouth
  • ProvostA judicial officer struggling with the demands of his office
  • MarianaBetrothed to Angelo, but then rejected by him
  • Mistress Overdone“A Bawd”: another colourful character
  • PompeyMistress Overdone’s brothel-keeping partner
  • ElbowAn educationally challenged constable
  • FrothA foolish gentleman
  • AbhorsonAn executioner who takes pride in his profession
  • BarnadineA depressed prisoner.

    There are a number of smaller speaking parts: a nun, a friar, officers, servants and gentlemen. These can be cast from the company or be taken by anyone who would prefer a smaller part. Some of these could be played by children aged 8+.

    We will be using the Arden Edition. Please contact us at if you want any more information.

    Rehearsals will be on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 8 May, extending to Wednesday evenings from 27 June. They will be held at the Free Church Hall to begin with, moving to the Wood as the light and weather permits. The chorus will not need to attend weekday rehearsals until 26 June.

    Please note that, though you do not have to join the GST to audition, all actors in a GST show are required to be members.