Audition: My Mother Said I Never Should

Director: Gabi Maddocks

Assistant Director: Sarah Overall

Audition Information:

Sunday 7th July 2019: Free Church Hall, Northway, London NW11 7BN

4.30 – 6.30pm Children / Young Adults

7.00 – 9.00 Adults

Please note some children may be asked to stay for the first part of the adult audition.

If you want to audition but are not available on 7th July, then we may be able to see you on Monday 1st July instead. Please contact Gabi using the address below.

Performance Information:

Performances: Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th October at 7.30pm and Sunday 20th October at 4pm

Venue: Upstairs at The Gatehouse, Highgate N6

Rehearsal Information:

Rehearsals for this play will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. We may also call some rehearsals on Monday evenings, if necessary. They will take place at the Free Church Hall. Rehearsals will start in September, but we hope to schedule a few workshops/read throughs in July/August.

About the play:

This warm-hearted, humorous and heart-rending play is about the relationships between mothers and daughters. It investigates themes of childhood, growing up, and keeping secrets. The play explores the lives and relationships of four generations of women, and looks at society’s changing expectations of women through the twentieth century.


Young Doris: age 5-9

Young Margaret: age 7-10

Young Jackie: age 8-12

Young Rosie / Rosie (same actor): 10-15

Jackie: 20s to 30s

Margaret: 40s to 50s

Doris: 60s to 80s


This is not a children’s show. It is an adult play with adult themes such as teenage pregnancy and death. Children’s scenes contain topics such as playing at pretending to have babies and talking about ‘the curse’. If you have any concerns then please read a script before the audition to make sure you would be happy for your child to take part in the show. They will be well looked after but it may not be a suitable play for every child. 

Audition pieces can be downloaded below:
All children (1)
All children (2)
Rosie and young Jackie
Doris and young Margaret
Doris and young Jackie
Margaret and Jackie
Margaret and Doris
Jackie and Rosie

If you have any questions please contact Gabi on