Audition for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – a musical for all the family

Audition date & location
Sunday 3 November 2019
14:45 – 19:00
Free Church Hall, Northway, Hampstead Garden Suburb
London NW11 6PB

Emma Pleass (Director and Choreographer), Stephen Lanigan-O’Keeffe (Musical Director) and Abi Tallack-Cain (Assistant Director/Dance Captain) invite you to come and audition for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – a musical for everyone.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a fantastic story full of both fun and drama. Teenage Tom Sawyer cheekily wends his way through life getting away with murder whilst falling in love, constantly outsmarting everyone, avoiding work at all costs and finally catching a real murderous villain – all with the help of Huckleberry Finn, Becky Thatcher and his other friends, and the love and support of his Aunt Polly.
Set in 1840 Missouri, there is a whole community of characters – young, old and everything in between – waiting to be brought to life and we are really looking forward to having you join us in this adventure!

Audition times
14:45 – Registration – this is essential for ALL auditionees
15:00 – Welcome, dance (ALL) and solo singing auditions
16:25 – Ensemble singing auditions – ALL
Break – those wishing only to be in the ensemble may leave
17:00 – Acting Auditions for speaking parts
(Please note all timings after registration are approximate and subject to change on the day)

Performance Week
Performance week: 17 – 23 February 2020
Venue: King Alfred Phoenix Theatre,
Ivy Wood, North End Road London NW11 7HY

Rehearsal Information
We will be rehearsing Monday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons from 10th November
All Principals must be available to be called for all rehearsals (except where previously agreed) and ensemble will be required every Sunday 3-6pm

If you have any questions after reading the following audition notice, then please feel free to contact us on

Alternative audition date
If you are not available on 3rd November and you still wish to audition, then please contact  to discuss the possibility of an alternative mutually agreeable time/date

Audition songs
During the audition you will be participating in some dancing, singing and acting – solo for the latter two where required/chosen
Here is a link to the music that we will be using excerpts of for the purpose of the singing auditions. SONGS
(or paste the following into the YouTube search box
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – 2001 Original Broadway Cast) 
Please try to learn the tunes as well as you can. Lyric sheets will be provided at the audition .
Please feel free to bring along your own music if you prefer.
All Auditionees
“Ain’t Life Fine” (34 minute 13 seconds – 37min 23 secs)
Tom Sawyer
“Here’s My Plan” ( 6min 14 sec – 9 min)
“To Hear You Say My Name” (25min 28secs – 28mins 32secs)
Huckleberry Finn
”It Just Ain’t Me” (23min 40 secs – 25 min 26 sec)
Becky Thatcher
“To Hear You Say My Name” (25min 28secs – 28mins 32secs)
Aunt Polly
”Raising a Child” (17 min 23sec – 19min 59secs)
Judge Thatcher
Injun Joe
“Hands All Clean” (13min 57 sec -15min 25 sec)
Muff Potter
“Hands All Clean” (13min 57 sec -15min 25 sec)
Doc Robinson
“Hands All Clean” (13min 57 sec -15min 25 sec)
Lemuel Dobbins
“Ain’t Life Fine” (34 minute 13 seconds – 37min 23 secs)
Reverend Sprague
“Ain’t Life Fine” (34 minute 13 seconds – 37min 23 secs)
Widow Douglas
“I Can Read”( 41min 15secs -42min 54 sec )
Tom’s Gang/Classmates
“Ain’t Life Fine” (34 minute 13 seconds – 37min 23 secs)

Acting audition pieces will be provided on the day when you will be given time to work on them in groups. 

Except where specified, all parts are open for any auditionees

Tom Sawyer – playing age 12-15yrs; solo singing required

A boy full of mischief and hope, who is gradually coming to terms with the responsibilities that growing up can bring. He is likable, intelligent, intuitive and carefree.

Huckleberry Finn – Playing age 13-16yrs; solo singing required

Tom’s best friend. He is stubborn, loyal, proud and good-natured. Lives a life of free will and enjoys it that way.

Sidney Sawyer – Playing Age 9 to 13yrs

Tom’s half-sibling and an insufferable goody-goody who dislikes Tom and does everything they can to get him into trouble.

Ben Rogers – Playing Age: 12 to 15yrs; optional solo singing

Key member of Tom’s gang of classmates. Slightly jealous of Tom in an idolizing manner.

Becky Thatcher – Playing Age: 12 to 15yrs; solo singing required

Bright, youthful, and funny. She is the new girl in town and a great match for Tom.

Tom’s Gang – Playing Age: 10 to 15yrs; optional solo singing

Jo Harper – Tom’s oldest friend; Lucy’s brother

George Bellamy

Lyle Peters

Alfred Temple – ‘Posh’ – he and Tom have had many a scrap, Sabrina’s brother

Jim Hollis

Other Classmates – Playing Age: 10 to 15; may have opportunities for solo singing

 Amy Lawrence – Tom’s other ‘love interest’

 Lucy Harper – Jo’s sister 

 Sabrina Temple– Alfred’s sister

 Susie Rogers

Junior Ensemble 7-16yrs

Aunt Polly – solo singing required.

 Tom’s Aunt. Ever so patient, she loves both Tom and Sidney and is doing her best to single-handedly take care of them both.

Judge Josiah Thatcher – solo singing required

 Becky’s father. A widower trying to raise a girl as best he can. He’s a good man. 

Injun Joe – solo singing required

 A proud, bitter, downtrodden man, Has been treated with contempt his whole life and as such feels the same contempt for the rest of the community. A murderer.

Muff Potter – some solo ‘singing’ required

 A vagrant and derelict drunk. Not a bad man, he just doesn’t have the backbone to say no when others lead him astray.

Lemuel Dobbins – some solo singing required

 The school teacher and village demagogue. Tries to be strict in the school room. Has a soft, poetic side as well.

Widow Douglas – solo singing required 

 An older woman of some wealth. Kind-hearted and giving, she offers Huck a home.

Reverend Sprague – optional solo singing

 Eagle-eyed and severe. The village Reverend. Stately and poised, preaching with a ‘fire and brimstone’ mindset, full of passion and verve.

Doc Robinson – some solo ‘singing’ required

 A pompous, unpleasant man with a chip on his shoulder. He is bossy, thieving, and impatient. An all-round “bad guy.” Murdered in Act 1 Sc3. Could double as Pap

Gideon Wain – Defense Attorney -could double as Pap

Lanyard Bellamy – Mayor and Prosecutor – could double as Pap

Pap – drunkard – could double as Doc


Adult Ensemble including

Sereny Harper

Jessica Rogers

Naomi Hollis

Sally Bellamy