Audition for The Count of Monte Cristo

Audition for The Count of Monte Cristo
By Alexandre Dumas, adapted for the stage by Owain Rose

Director: Owain Rose
Co-directors/creators/devisers: Mary Musker and Toby Hampton

Audition date & location:
Sunday 18th April 2021
7:00pm via Zoom
This initial audition is to cast Dantes, Abbe/Abbess Faria, Fernand, Villefort, Mercedes, Alberta, Jacopo and Haydee. These people are involved in fights and cover the bulk of the larger roles. Rehearsals will begin on zoom for these people, allowing all script analysis to be done before physical rehearsals begin.

Ensemble Audition date & location:
Sunday (TBC) May 2021
Free Church Hall, Northway, Hampstead Garden Suburb NW11 6PB
This audition will be to find the vital and brilliant ensemble that will share the remaining 22 roles – please see ensemble descriptor for the kind of person I am looking for!

Performance dates:
30 July – 07 August 2021

Little Oak Wood Open Air Theatre

GST invites you to audition for the first of our two open-air summer productions for 2020, The Count of Monte Cristo.
Directed and newly adapted by Owain Rose, the Count of Monte Cristo will be an energetic romp through the classic tale – influenced by Kneehigh Theatre, Ben Elton and Baz Lurhman. The aim will be to create an ensemble of dynamic and creative performers who will multi-role around the main character, Edmond Dantes.
From Napoleon himself to the illustrious Banker No.4 – there will be plenty of roles to go around. Any actor-musicians would be a real benefit to the production as the aim is to utilise the many musical talents of the group to enrich the production.
I will be taking people with availability over everything else, as the whole cast will be needed for almost all the rehearsals – we will be working as a creative ensemble and need as many minds in the room as possible.
We will be rehearsing Wednesday and Thursday evenings (7.30 – 9.30 pm) and Sundays time tbc, starting in early April.
If you have any questions about the show or this audition notice, please feel free to contact us on


The Marvellously Talented and Multi-roling Ensemble!
ages 14-100+
Funny, bendy, crazy, musically gifted, open, mad, joyful, soulful, brave, creative actors sought to bring the heart and soul to the piece.

Edmond Dantes (The Count of Monte Cristo… spoiler!)
Male 20-40ish
Must be able to play both 19 years of age and then nearer 40 with conviction. Must also be physically capable due to fight scenes.

Abbe Faria
Male (probably…) 40-100+
Must be physically fit due to fight scene with Dantes.

Female 20-40ish
Lover, Mother.

Evil, smarmy, git. Must be physically fit due to fight scene.

Any age/sex
Comic relief. Dantes’ right hand man.

Female 16-30
Dantes’ left hand woman. Must be physically fit due to fight scene.

Male 20-50
A scheming lawyer git. The worst kind, really.

Daughter of Mercedes. Must be physically fit due to fight scene.

Audition Pieces for ensemble workshop:
This will be a workshop audition so there are no prepared pieces needed prior to the audition.