The Count of Monte Cristo: audition pieces

The Count of Monte Cristo: Audition Pieces
By Alexandre Dumas, adapted for the stage by Owain Rose

Click below to download/view audition pieces for:

Dantes & Faria
Dantes & Jacopo
Fernand & Mercedes
Haydee, Alberta & Dantes
Villefort & Dantes

Director: Owain Rose
Co-directors/creators/devisers: Mary Musker and Toby Hampton

Audition date & location:
Sunday 18th April 2021
7:00pm via Zoom
This initial audition is to cast Dantes, Abbe/Abbess Faria, Fernand, Villefort, Mercedes, Alberta, Jacopo and Haydee. These people are involved in fights and cover the bulk of the larger roles. Rehearsals will begin on zoom for these people, allowing all script analysis to be done before physical rehearsals begin.