Casting Announcement: The Count of Monte Cristo

We are delighted to announce the cast for our upcoming wood production of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (adapted and directed by Owain Rose):


Abbess Faria – Michelle Todd

Edmond Dantes – Toby Hampton

Madame Morell – Harriet O’Brien

Ensemble – Jonah Maddocks

Danglers – David Brown

Fernand – Edwin Coutts

Mercedes – Vanessa Toral Diaz

Madame Villefort – Mary Musker

Madame Noirtier – Sue Miller

Ensemble – Maya Woolf

Warden – Natalie White

Ensemble – Malvina Rog

Captain – Kayne McCutcheon

Jacopo – Mark Overall

Haydee – Jesse Musker

Alberta – Zab Hoy

Ensemble – Tariq Pasha

All other parts to be played by members of the company