Audition for Treasure Island (the Panto)!

Audition for Treasure Island (the Panto)!
by Dave Barron

Audition date & location:
Sunday 21 November 2021 at 1pm
Free Church Hall, Northway NW11 6PB

Please pre-register for the audition by filling in this quick form

Performance week:
14-20 February 2022, King Alfred Phoenix Theatre 

Please bring a joke!
It doesn’t matter how bad a joke it is, we want to see how over-the-top and “panto” you can be and to hear your biggest voice. And to steal the best jokes for the script, of course!

The story of Treasure Island – (the panto)!
Jim Hawkins, our young hero, discovers a mysterious map showing the whereabouts of the buried treasure of infamous pirate Captain Flint.
In his quest to recover the stolen loot he sets sail for Skeleton Island with a crew of desperate cut-throat pirates, a one legged man, three French cooks, a parrot and his mum!
Join Jim and his Ma as they battle buccaneers, plundering pirates and marauding mermaids in this hilarious re-imagining of the most famous pirate story of them all – Treasure Island (the Panto)!

We will be rehearsing twice a week in the evening (probably Wed and Thur, ensemble not usually required for these) (7.30 – 9.30pm) and Sundays for all cast (3pm – 6pm), starting at the beginning of December.

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