Audition for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – a musical for all the family

Audition date & location
Sunday 3 November 2019
14:45 – 19:00
Free Church Hall, Northway, Hampstead Garden Suburb
London NW11 6PB

Emma Pleass (Director and Choreographer), Stephen Lanigan-O’Keeffe (Musical Director) and Abi Tallack-Cain (Assistant Director/Dance Captain) invite you to come and audition for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – a … READ MORE...

Summer shows – Casting announcement

The Merchant of Venice 

(director Diana Bromley)

Duke of Venice – John Colmans

Prince of Morocco – Blue Beazley

Prince of Aragon – Geoff Prutton

Antonio (the Merchant) – Stephen Lanigan-O’keeffe

Bassanio – Edwin Coutts

Gratiano – Richard Tinworth

Solanio – Edward Smith

Salaria – Juliette Kulikovs

Lorenzo – Anthony Gretton

Shylock …

Casting announcement

For Jeeves and the Song of Songs and Audience…

Jeeves and the Song of Songs

Revd “Beefy” Bingham                       Colin Gregory

Mr Cholly                                            Edward Smith

Miss Dolly                                            Sue Miller

Bertie Wooster                                    Edwin Coutts

Lady Worplesdon, Aunty Agatha        Diana Bromley

Jeeves                                                  Gerry Zierler

Tuppy Glossop                                    Anthony Gretton

The Hon Miss Cora …