Casting Announcement: Twelfth Night

We are delighted to announce the cast for our upcoming wood production of Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare (directed by Teresa Poland):



Viola – Emily Hill

Captain/Second Officer/Priest – Nina Meinzer

Sebastian – Jemima Lane

Antonio – Mary Groom

Orsino – Clare Janew

Curio – Ruby Iverson

Valentine/First Officer –


Summer shows – Casting announcement

The Merchant of Venice 

(director Diana Bromley)

Duke of Venice – John Colmans

Prince of Morocco – Blue Beazley

Prince of Aragon – Geoff Prutton

Antonio (the Merchant) – Stephen Lanigan-O’keeffe

Bassanio – Edwin Coutts

Gratiano – Richard Tinworth

Solanio – Edward Smith

Salaria – Juliette Kulikovs

Lorenzo – Anthony Gretton

Shylock …