Audition – Audience and Jeeves & the Song of Songs

5pm at the Free Church Hall, Northway, NW11 7AG

Performances: Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th April at the King Alfred’s Phoenix Theatre, Golders Green, NW11 7HY

Rehearsals for this play will be on Monday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons

At 5pm

Audience by Michael Frayn

Directed by Debbie Lane

An audience enters a theatre and start to watch the play. We don’t know what the play is but we do see them do what audiences do: comment on the action, chat to each other, get frustrated with each other, sit in the wrong seats, spot other people they know, fall in love…

It’s important that actors who are cast are able to learn the lines at an early stage in order to achieve the pace the play demands. Don’t feel too limited by the specified ages (apart from the teenagers) as it will be more important that the relationships between the characters are right.

Please email for the script and audition pieces.


Amanda           young woman, attending with

Charles            who is somewhat older.

Bobbie             American lady in her 50s accompanying

Merrill             also American, in his dotage.

Helena             30s or 40s, who has come with

Joan                 her mother, 60s or 70s.

Quentin           50s who has brought

Lee                  in his late teens.

Keith                30s to 50s, on his own.

Reginald          late 30s to 50s, who has come with

Eileen              late 30s to 50s, his wife and

Wendy             mid to late teens, their daughter.

Usherette        any age, very few lines to say.

From 7pm

Jeeves and the Song of Songs by P G Wodehouse, adapted for the stage by Francis Beckett

Please arrive by 6.30pm if you are auditioning for this production only

Directed by Francis Beckett

Tuppy Glossop has dropped Bertie Wooster’s cousin Angela to pursue a romance with operatic diva Cora Bellinger. Ordered by his Aunt Dahlia to break up them up, Bertie finds himself called upon, in a plan orchestrated by Jeeves, to sing at a charity concert. A brand-new adaptation of the P G Wodehouse story.

Francis wants to be as flexible about ages as possible, so ages given are approximate, but Bertie, Tuppy and Beefy will need to be roughly of an age, since they were at university together.

The play is set in the 20s or 30s, so men will be asked to have their hair cut appropriately and shave off all facial hair.

Rehearsals for this play will be Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and Sunday afternoons

Please email for the script and audition pieces, stating what parts you are interested in.


Revd “Beefy” Bingham                       20s or early 30s, preferably able to play the piano

Mr Cholly, a costermonger                 any age

Miss Dolly                                            any age

Bertie Wooster                                    20s or early 30s, must be able to sing

Lady Worplesdon, Bertie’s Aunty Agatha       older than 50

Jeeves                                                  probably 30s but willing to consider any age

Tuppy Glossop                                     20s or early 30s, must be able to sing

The Hon Miss Cora Bellinger              20s or 30s

Mrs Travers, Bertie’s Aunt Dahlia      older than 50

Angela Travers                                    20s or 30s.